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Terapia pós-ciclo (PСT) is the restoration of the body’s own production of testosterone and other hormones in the body. Therefore, this is not just a rest from pharma, which means that the successful completion of PCT is only a return to the standard values ​​of testosterone levels in the body.

As an additional advantage of post-course therapy, the normalization of the parameters of prolactin and estradiol appears. Once their rates are normal, it is better to stop taking all drugs for at least 2-4 weeks, and only then start a new course.

Os principais medicamentos para PCT (pós-terapia de ciclo)

At the heart of the entire procedure, Anti estrógenos, and therefore, their choice should be given maximum attention. Today, the three drugs are most effective:

  • citrato de tamoxifeno,
  • citrato de toremifeno
  • citrato de clomifeno.

Terapia pós-cicloThe first option is used only in exceptional cases, although it has the maximum availability in the Russian market. It’s just a matter of low clinical effectiveness and a wide list of side effects.

If we talk about toremifene, this modern drug shows an excellent result. But it is difficult to find in Russia, which led to a high cost (about 5 thousand rubles for 60 tablets, and for the entire course it takes 90). Therefore, clomiphene will be the best choice.

Yes, clomiphene citrate is more difficult to find than tamoxifen, but it has a minimal amount of side effects and shows a 90 percent clinical efficacy. If we talk about the scheme for taking clomiphene, then the universal laughter of its reception is:

  • 100 ml diariamente durante o primeiro mês,
  • 50 ml diariamente pelo segundo mês.

When the course is over, you should take tests for FSH, LH, testosterona total, prolactin and estradiol. By the way, large volumes of estradiol and prolactin become a hindrance for a full recuperação da produção de testosterona. It is recommended to take tests every 2 weeks to determine their current volumes and, if necessary, reduce their quantity by taking inhibitors of prolactin and aromatase to normal levels.

Admissão de medicamentos adicionais e regime de treinamento

Além dos principais medicamentos, há recomendações para a recepção de elementos adicionais:

  • vitaminas com minerais,
  • adaptogens
  • nootrópicos.

More attention should be given to nootropics, because they contribute to the restoration of the arc and stimulate the release of NGF (nerve growth factor). The activation of this process increases the amount of catecholamine production, including dopamine. This is necessary for the reason that the course of the course increases the body’s consumption of neurotransmitters, which includes dopamine, which additionally suppresses the arc.

If we consider Post Cycle Therapy, then within the framework of therapy it is better to take Piracetam, the optimal drug for its cost and availability in the Russian market. According to the pattern of consumption, it is required to use a dosage of 600-1000 mg of the drug throug Post Cycle Therapyhout the PCT (the volume depends on the weight).

If we talk about training, it is recommended to reduce the load by 2 times and work for about 6-10 repetitions. By the time the training should also be limited, making it as short as possible, within 40 minutes.

Líder do PCT (pós-ciclos) e resultado final

It is also important to take care of the right connection to therapy before starting PTC. One and a half months before the end of the current course, it is necessary to stimulate the pituitary gland, for which use gonadotropin (1000 mg, once a week, 5 injections). We leave already on short ethers, so that the created background of preparations began to decrease rapidly, which will create a favorable ground for recovery.

Assim que o nível de testosterona caiu ou estiver abaixo do valor padrão, é imediatamente possível iniciar a terapia melhor terapia pós-ciclodescribed above. If within two months you did not manage to return hormones within the limits of the norm, then you should repita o PCT without changing the strategy.

If already the second Post Cycle Therapy does not help, then you will have to use the protocol to restart the hormonal arc. Still need to look at the analysis, because in a situation where testosterone is below normal, and FSH and LH are larger than standard volumes, then this is a symptom of hypogonadism. If this situation arises, you need to contact a specialist who, when confirming the diagnosis, often prescribes hormone replacement therapy.

Precisamos minimizar perdas

  • The more steroid doses you used on the course, the greater the loss in massa muscular e força will be after the course (rollback more).
  • The longer the course of the use of anabolic steroids was, the more there will be a retrocesso após o curso.
  • Quanto menos você usa a dose do medicamento que você usa durante o curso, menos você ganha, e as perdas são correspondentemente menores, da mesma maneira e pelo momento da admissão.

Reduzir a perda de músculo na terapia pós-ciclos

  • You need to concentrate on restoring the natural balance of sex hormones. Para ter sua própria produção, e as mulheres precisam ser abaixadas, porque, após o curso dos esteróides como resultado da aromatização, elas serão mais.
  • É necessário conseguir restauração da libido e espermatogênese.
  • Para colocar em ordem o estado do fígado, de modo que a bilirrubina fosse normal, pois isso ajuda o cortisol.
  • Colesterol. Good nutrition, a lot of oily fish, fish oil (omega-3) and watch for the state of cholesterol.
  • Reduce the level of cortisol. No curso, estamos acostumados a trabalhar com uma intensidade de treinamento muito alta e, após o curso dos esteróides, essa intensidade precisa ser reduzida para diminuir o nível de cortisol.


Lembre-se: when you finish the course of anabolic steroids – you will always lose weight. Always lose muscle mass, no matter what PBC you use, no matter what super techniques you use, you will always burn some of the muscular mass gained. Why?

The fact that the male body on the average produces a day + -5 mg de testosterona XCHARX this is one methane pill. Suppose you have a course of 700 mg of methane per week, a day produces 100 mg of methane, and a natural dosage is produced 5 mg.

Aqui está uma vantagem que uma pessoa tem sobre química, a dosagem de hormônios sexuais é 20 vezes mais do que a dose natural de uma pessoa comum. O corpo não pode fornecer tais quantidades de crescimento de testosterona. É por isso que quando uma pessoa corta o curso de esteróides on-line, ele sempre perde parte da massa ganha.

Conclusão: the Post Cycle Therapy should not stand on the muscles typed on the course, the Post Cycle Therapy has the task not to destroy them even more than it is foreseen by nature. When a person begins to experiment unskilfully with his hormonal system, or when he gives a big excess load in the gym.

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