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If you do survey among fellow bodybuilders will be a name of a supplier of clean anabolic steroids certainly be mentioned; Ray Primus Labs. It is a company based in Hong Kong. They have, however, there are at pains to deliver worldwide steroids only the best quality. Their
products are also distributed in shops for sale worldwide. Also in the USA and UK are online outlets where you can buy these funds.

It speaks for itself that the anabolic steroids that you buy from Primus Ray Laboratories exclusively of clean quality. Furthermore, the pursuit of Primus Ray Laboratories that the steroids they provide are affordable for every athlete ephedrine uk, regardless of your background or your financial situation. They are also steroids that do not extortionate prices over the counter.


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The company Primus Ray Laboratories is constantly innovating. Not only steroids are continuously monitored and innovated, but also considered the method of administration. Indeed, it is possible to take steroids in a number of ways. You need oral steroids – tablets so – but injectable steroids. Especially the latter species is very popular because you thus less damage to your liver for example. After all injections skip la cour bodybuilding nutrition are given there where they are needed, without having to pass through your gastrointestinal delivery system. For injections, however, you will still need to see a doctor. Not every bodybuilder is able to inject themselves properly. Buy Primus Ray has developed something new; Obi Pen. This system is designed oral steroids uk to ensure that you yourself can administer the correct dose steroids in the desired muscle. The method of dosing is very accurate, and while this method will save you a visit to the doctor.