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The incidence of herpes has recently become quite an urgent problem. The cause of its occurrence on the lips and mucous membranes is a viral infection and, as a consequence, a strong decrease in immunity. Very many patients who suffer from the manifestation of herpes on the lips are also concerned about how to clean acne and sores from the face at home. The solution of these health problems is an effective antiviral ointment from herpes Acyclovir (Zovirax).

acyclovir dosageHerpes on the skin of the face, lips, cheeks and eyes is a consequence of exposure to certain body tissues of the virus. Sometimes this disease can occur in a person many times within one year. Similar rashes are accompanied by severe itching, burning sensations and discomfort. Rashes can develop not only on the lips and mucous membranes, but also on the cheeks and near the mouth. In some cases of the disease, as a result of actively developing herpes, the vesicles may burst, thereby contributing to the further development of infection in the tissues of the skin. Thus, the skin is constantly infected with bacteria.

Nowadays there are more than hundred kinds of various herpes infections known. The most common diseases are simple and herpes zoster. These diseases have several stages, with which it is necessary to fight the most effective drugs. Today, doctors recommend the use of Acyclovir (Zovirax) ointment for treatment of various stages of herpes.

Moreover, this drug can become a reliable protection and preventive measure against getting herpes infections into the human body. Especially rashes of herpes can be troubling in the spring and autumn, when the immune system is significantly reduced. Treatment of affected areas with herpes must necessarily be accompanied by the use of the most effective medicines, which today recommend medics.

Acyclovir (Zovirax) – product description

The drug Zovirax is used to treat herpes on the lips and mucous membranes. Its active therapeutic agent is acyclovir, which has high antiviral activity. Ointment Zovirax includes acyclovir, thereby being a highly effective drug with a pronounced antiviral effect. This drug is able to cope with all kinds of herpes in just a few days, and also become an excellent prevention against the penetration of infection into the human body.

The main function of acyclovir is the blocking of further reproduction of herpes viruses and the subsequent spread of infections in damaged tissues of the skin. The auxiliary substances in the composition of Acyclovir (Zovirax) ointment are propylene glycol and white petrolatum. These substances perfectly soften the skin, gently and soothingly affect the foci of inflammation.

Initially, this medicine was developed by scientists and physicians for use in ophthalmology. However, today the remedy is widely used to treat herpes. Acyclovir ointment is manufactured by the English pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.

The main purpose of the ointment is to treat the existing symptoms of herpes on the lips and mucous membranes, but this medication is also used to prevent the occurrence of a viral infection and its symptoms. In ophthalmology, Zovirax is used to treat a herpes infection that affects the rim of the cornea of ​​the eye. Eye Ointment Acyclovir (Zovirax) is available in tubes of 4.5 g. The product is a homogeneous consistency without lumps and grains. The preparation has an oily structure, does not cause irritation and burning.

Instructions for use

The correct use of this medication details the instructions for the use of ointments from herpes Zovirax.

  1. To combat an unpleasant ailment, it is required to apply a small amount of ointment evenly to the affected areas of the lips or mucous membranes. Also, the drug is applied to the foci of skin rashes.
  2. Treating sick places is required 4-5 times a day. The break between the procedures should be about four hours.
  3. Apply the medicinal ointment with clean fingers, gently rubbing a small amount of the drug in a circular motion.
  4. Treatment means it is important to conduct until the full recovery and disappearance of symptoms of herpes.
  5. It is not recommended to apply ointment to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Also, avoid accidental contact with the product in the eyes.
  6. Treatment with Acyclovir can be started both in the early and late stages of the disease. Usually the course of treatment is 4-5 days.

Features of the Acyclovir (Zovirax)

After entering the tissue, Zovirax penetrates directly into the cells affected by the virus. With local use, the drug destroys the virus on the surface of the skin and practically does not enter the systemic bloodstream. Zovirax destroys not only the Herpes virus, but also chickenpox, the Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus. The antiviral effect of the ointment is due to the therapeutic effect of acyclovir.

The drug has a systemic effect on pathogenic microorganisms. As a result of the action of the active component of the drug,zovirax cream the enzymes of the virus undergo several chemical reactions that destroy them. As a result of the interaction of acyclovir with pathogenic organisms, the enzyme triphosphate acyclovir is formed. It is he who actively interacts with DNA polymerase, another enzyme that promotes the synthesis of the DNA of the virus itself. As a result of such chemical reactions, the DNA of the virus becomes unsuitable for further reproduction, and the pathogenic microorganism itself ceases to function. As a result, viruses die, without damaging the healthy cells of the human body.

Zovirax only affects cells infected with viruses, so it does not affect healthy and normal cells at all. This mechanism of action of the drug is an essential advantage of the ointment. The drug is non-toxic and absolutely safe for healthy cells of the human body.

It is not recommended long-term use of a medicinal ointment in the treatment of viruses, since a long course of treatment can cause the resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to acyclovir. With a very long treatment, the drug loses its high effective therapeutic ability.


Acyclovir is available in the form of a cream, ointment, tablets and injections. Each dosage form is intended for the treatment of various diseases and can be prescribed to the patient only by the attending physician. For herpes infection of the lips and skin, ointment from herpes on the lips of Zovirax is used. Ophthalmic ointment Zovirax is intended for the treatment of keratitis, which is caused by herpes viruses.

Main indications:

  • viral herpes infections;
  • chickenpox;
  • prevention of herpetic infection;
  • prevention and treatment of cytomegalovirus infection.


Contraindications for use are:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • an allergic reaction to the drug;
  • kidney failure;
  • neurological symptoms.

Side effects

Like any medication, use in the treatment of Acyclovir can cause side effects.

  • On the part of the digestive system, nausea, vomiting, the development of hepatitis and jaundice, diarrhea and pain in the abdomen can occur. Also, the concentration of bilirubin may increase.
  • In the blood system, anemia and a decrease in platelets and leukocytes can be observed. From the side of the urinary system, the concentration of creatinine and urea increases.
  • Side effects can be observed in the central nervous system. Possible: the emergence of hallucinations, dizziness, drowsiness, psychosis. Also tremor of extremities, excitation, convulsions, confusion of consciousness can appear.
  • Of allergic reactions, there may be urticaria, Quincke edema, pruritus, rash, anaphylactic reaction, allergic dermatitis.
  • When topical application of a medicinal ointment in places of application of the preparation, such reactions as peeling, redness, tingling, burning can occur.


The modern pharmaceutical market offers a large selection of analogues of Zovirax. Domestic pharmacy chain today offers such similar drugs:

  • ointment Acyclovir;
  • ointment Acyclovir-ACRI;
  • ointment Gerpferon;
  • Acyclostad;
  • Acigerpine;
  • Herpferon;
  • Herperax.

All these drugs include active drug aciclovir and have a similar therapeutic effect. At the same time, some drugs may cost a little less in pharmacies than Zovirax ointment.


It has been clinically proven that Zovirax ointment can quickly and effectively cope with herpes infections and adversely affect pathogenic microorganisms. Using in the treatment of various types of herpes Acyclovir (Zovirax), you can completely cure the manifestations and symptoms of herpes on the lips, eyes and mucous membranes within four days. The drug is completely non-toxic and can be used in the treatment of newborns.

When using this drug should be careful, but even during the carrying of the child, many doctors without fear appoint future mothers treatment of herpes Zovirax. Today, the number of expectant mothers who are infected with herpes has increased significantly, as the disease statistics show.

Herpes infection can also occur in young children. Zovirax allows you to quickly cope with chickenpox and other varieties of herpes. This drug effectively and quickly eliminates itching, rashes, burning and promotes rapid recovery of the baby.

Zovirax is able in a very short time to eliminate herpes on the lips and mucous membranes. Bubbles around the lips, nose, genitals disappear after just four days of treatment. However, it is necessary to undergo the full course of treatment indicated in the instructions for ointment Zovirax. An old viral herpes infection can also be effectively treated with Acyclovir (Zovirax). Before using this medication, you must have a mandatory consultation with a doctor who will prescribe the correct course of treatment.

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