Natural Bodybuilding vs Bodybuilding on Steroids – What to choose?

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Today have a beautiful body – it is fashionable. Everyone wants to show off big and muscle definition and a beautiful figure. And, of course, bodybuilding – is the best way to build correctly and in proportion to his own body. Bodybuilding is the only sport whose main steroids for sale task is to develop harmoniously and proportionally to all muscle groups in accordance with the established standard. Analysis correct proportions is carried out at respective event.

It does not matter a bit sportsman strength success. The main importance is only a consequence of – as far as the body is close to the standard. However, even here there are subtleties and nuances. This sport is divided into professional and natural bodybuilding.

“Chemical” bodybuilding:

The main priority of the professional bodybuilding is to build a beautiful body, from which anything “material”. Those. Professional bodybuilding – a sport “on the verge of medicine.” There are widely used by athletes various chemical additives that accelerate protein synthesis and recovery of the body, whereby the growth of muscle mass buy oxandrolone is performed much faster.

The most urgent problem is bodybuilders so you wanna be a fitness model professionals use doping. Anabolic steroids and other “chemistry” addictive and undermines the health of athletes. True, many well-known personalities in the sport argue that achieved their success without the use of anabolic steroids, but, alas, the reality looks different sports.

Natural Bodybuilding:

Natural bodybuilding is a sport that involved people unwilling to accept pharmacology.

This sport, in spite of the fact that here also, as in the professional main priority – the reference body has fundamental differences from it. In natural bodybuilding in order to pump up the large muscles and beautiful athletes have to spend much more time and effort.

It should be aware that doing this exercise, you will never be able to have such a body, which have the athletes who take anabolic steroids. However, you will also be able to avoid and relevant to chemistry bodybuilding effects.

Choose natural bodybuilding, you have to train hard in the long wait the desired results. But your body will remain healthy. Because the use of chemical additives have a negative effect on the heart, kidneys and liver.

From the point of view of medicine, a strong increase in muscle due to steroid use diazepam 10mg suppliers, called hypertrophy of the muscle tissue. Many beginners looking at photos of professional bodybuilders seriously thinking about how to start taking steroids. However, not all give yourself a full report, not only in the effects, but also in the required amount of chemicals. It should be recognized that a number of protein batches to limit not be able to achieve similar results.

Each of these uses a numerous number of athletes steroids. Without using chemicals, it just would not have such a body. As an example, you may want to consider the well-known bodybuilder Dorian Yatsya. In his youth he was an ordinary guy, an average body composition. But thanks anabolics could build a lot of muscle, with which no person engaged in natural bodybuilding, can not be compared at all.

Nowadays, there are so-called Natural Bodybuilding Federation, conducting competitions in the sport in Russia.

In considering to do bodybuilding, first of all, determine what results you want to come, and what price to pay for them.


Bodybuilding with chemistry will allow you as soon as possible to achieve significant results, but also the consequences of the use of steroids in the future, may make you regret it more than once.

Natural bodybuilding – it is an opportunity to build a beautiful and proportioned body without harm to health. However, the results will have to achieve for many years. But believe me, after 10-12 years of regular training so you can drastically change your body that need of any chemical preparations you simply do not arise.

In other words, swaying with anabolic – you sacrifice health, swaying naturally – time. But remember, that little thing that comes to us in this life according to the principle “all at once”.

Selecting only for you.

However, natural bodybuilding, bodybuilding and the chemistry has not only the differences but also the similarities. And here and there the athletes have to abide by an appropriate diet, sleep and stress certain dose per muscle group.

Choosing bodybuilding with chemistry, you have to work not less than by a natural.

But in both cases it is proper nutrition should be given little attention.

Ignoring his role often significantly reduces the anabolic effect and enhances the relevant side effects in professional bodybuilding. And, accordingly, it may also have a negative impact, choose natural health of people.

The effectiveness of steroids increases significantly when using high calorie and protein. For athletes who have chosen “chemistry” optimal daily intake of calories will be 5000-6000 kcal.

At the same proportions in both cases, the following:

    • 60% of the food – simple carbohydrates


    • 20% complete proteins


  • 20% fats

Violation of this diet with natural bodybuilders can cause excessive load on the cardiovascular system (because the body will not receive a sufficient amount of energy required for training).

A bodybuilders for receiving chemicals “malnutrition” or improper feeding may cause malfunction of steroids. If we break the proportions in favor of fat food, it can lead to a serious increase in blood cholesterol levels a serious heart disease.

Athletes, prefers it to steroids, you should avoid eating too much fat. This greatly increases the risk of heart disease, which is already fraught with the use of steroids.

Also, any of us the species of bodybuilding requires proper training regime. Incorrect exercise will not give the desired results in bodybuilding with steroids and may be no less harmful in natural bodybuilding.

In other words, before bodybuilders (consume or ingest steroids) are the same obstacles.

Namely – to grow muscle you need to:

    1. Perform the maximum number of repetitions


  1. Provide the body with the appropriate nutrients necessary for muscle growth.

One of the most important substances needed to meet both of these conditions is testosterone. Without this hormone can not be the potency and therefore an erection. In other words, a successful bodybuilding requires the same thing and sex. Therefore, every bodybuilder sooner or later confronted with the question: how to increase testosterone? “Chemists” use the appropriate chemical fertilizing and amateur natural bodybuilding go natural, natural way.

Good health and well-chosen diet – a pledge of good potency. An important signal for the bodybuilder is the lack of morning erections, which indicates overtraining. In other words, in its absence will be absent muscle growth.

Because Natural bodybuilding means a healthy diet and improving the health of the organism as a whole legal anabolic steroids, it is, accordingly, improves and potency. Regular sex also increases the testosterone level. One does not preclude, but professional bodybuilders avoid having sex before competition. This is due to the reluctance to spend trudnovospolnimy supply of this hormone.

Thus, the choice between the natural and chemical bodybuilding just for you. Remember that in both cases you will be required observance of proper diet and exercise. Beautiful body – is primarily the result of a long and careful observance sport mode, and not the result of steroid use.

Of P. S. The Other ways to increase testosterone, doing bodybuilding?

Several years ago, Scandinavian researchers conducted a study on the relationship of physical activity and the level of testosterone.

And one very interesting fact was discovered during this research:

  • Doing exercises for large muscles in the number of repetitions of a typical bodybuilding leads to a significant increase in testosterone levels.

Also, there is another interesting fact. For small muscle growth requires greater training. Those. so that, for example, grew muscles of the arms or chest need to train legs. This is due to the fact that at the time of loading on the large muscles in large numbers produced HGH – Human Growth Hormone (HGH), through which the muscles grow.

Thus, the implementation of bodybuilding exercises for large muscles (squats with weights) will allow you to achieve the following results:

    1. Increase the level of testosterone


  1. Increase the level of HGH

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