7 étapes pour sécuriser la formation

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Formation sécurisée et sécurisée

No one comes to the gym with the thought: “And if I do not get injured today,” But, nevertheless, punctually people receive them. Of course, no one hundred percent is insured, but some pretty obvious things you can try to protect themselves most that there are simple ways.

Étape 1: réchauffement

Peut-être que maintenant je me sens Pavel Tsatsouline au-delà de la musculation pdf someone Captain Obvious, but what to do with it, though many people still ignore this rule? How many times I’ve seen guys (especially those younger, older life is broken) throw themselves at once to show what they can do in the bench press, recklessly passing warm-up approach. This is a great, just a huge mistake.

chauffage accelerates the metabolism and allows you to lubricate the joints, which are then easier to perceive their workload. This heating makes your body ready for more weight.

Généralement, avant l'exercice, il est utile de passer des minutes 5-10 sur un vélo stationnaire ou un tapis roulant, un échauffement 5-minute et, de façon souhaitable, une approche 1-2 pour exercer un poids minime.

Étape 2: les arguments à la fin de chaque mouvement

If you do not bring the movement to the end, the muscle fibers become shorter, less flexible. Some may see this as only an aesthetic problem, but in fact, the muscles and joints become much more vulnerable to injuries. Why? If the auxiliary muscles become shorter, they begin to influence the form of the exercise. At first, it certainly is not dangerous, but over time the Stress sur les articulations , ligaments and secondary muscle groups increases. The cumulative effect can work even in a few years, and it is fraught with trauma obtain literally out of the blue.

Also, do a little warm-up between sets, it will disperse lactic acid and saturate the muscle nutritive elements of the blood, causing you to be able to even slightly improve their performance. In addition, a small warm-up does not hurt and Après une séance d'entraînement.

Étape 3: contrôle

There is always the temptation to load too much weight, and then strongly chiterstvovat during exercise. Generally speaking, the correct controlled tricherie – quite a viable technique used even Arnold. The key word here – controlled.

You can use the momentum and help the body at the end of the approach, when you do one or two extra reps. Another thing is that if the weight is too heavy for you and strength is almost gone, then it is better not to do it, because you will not be able to fully control it.

Also watch out for, so that the motion carried. If the negative phase, lowering the bar after rising on the biceps, you stop it halfway, because you can not pick up, then you have too much weight from the bottom.

And I do not even want to talk about “perverts on the bench press,” which at the time of exercise tear pelvis off the bench, leaning, in fact, only on the shoulders and legs. Do not do this. The back should always lie on the bench – and the only way.

And finally, lifting the barbell or dumbbell over your head, bend the legs can only experienced athletes wearing athletic belt. Newcomers better to take less weight and do not expose themselves to ridicule, passing the risk of injury.

Étape 4: appuyez sur Forte

Your body – is the stabilizer, which is the basis of your entire body. If you do not sufficiently strengthened you in the danger zone, especially in such exercises as clean and press and deadlift.

Why is that? Think of a bench press barbell over his head. From toe to the waist, you stand up straight. However, the further you stray a little back, to keep the balance. The only thing protecting your spine from overloading in this situation – is la presse . Actually, without une formation sûre et sécurisée La presse, vous ne quitterez même pas la position de départ.

This is an obvious example. In fact, the body plays a very important in all types of exercises – to work on his back, to the Leg Press.

Si vous n'avez pas une pression forte, tout le fardeau tombe sur la colonne vertébrale et le bas du dos.

Étape 5: Équilibre

Parlant de l'équilibre, on entend deux choses: comment vous êtes debout ou assis, levé le poids et l'équilibre des forces exercées par les muscles.

Solde physique: Well, everything is simple here. When you make the climb to the biceps, tritsepsovy bench press or bench press barbell over his head, stand straight, knees together do not reduce. Stand as if to keep balance in a moving bus and do not forget to strain the press.

Lorsque vous vous couchez avec une barre, détendez vos épaules, redressez votre dos, laissez les pieds écartés.

Solde musculaire: It is an important element of the la formation en sécurité. For most people, one arm stronger than the other and, for example, they can do the right exercise for two repetition more than the left. This is not a problem in my life, however, some difficulties may arise in the hall.

There some exercises a strong hand assumes the weight part intended weaker hand, thus unloading the distribution is uneven. This is very typical for the exercises with a barbell, with dumbbells all the easier, there is every hand receives the load evenly.

Bien sûr, je ne vous demande pas d'être complètement supprimé du message de entraînement schedules. It’s stupid, besides, you will strike out a number of basic exercises such as squats or deadlifts. Just watch out more for muscular balance and try to distribute it evenly, that’s all.

Étape 6: sécurité

You tacked on in the car, not because waiting for the accident, but because if some freak crashes into your car, you will have a certain security insurance. And if someone really flew in you, believe me, you will be very pleased to have spent two seconds to ensure that fasten the belt.

Work out at the gym is much in the same way. When you do a bench press, you do not expect the bar to fall on you, or that suddenly refused muscles. However, if this suddenly happens, it would be nice if your partner is insured. After all, nobody wants to fifteen hundred kilograms fell on his chest.

If you go to the gym at least a few months, you will understand the general safety principles when working with one or another exercise. Do not drop weights on his feet. Wipe the sweat from your hands before you take up the post. Use the strap when working with the big weight. ask someone to insure you at the slightest doubt. And so on.

Most likely, precautions will be superfluous. However, when suddenly a time when they are needed, they will not be, it can result in injury. So do not take a few extra seconds, ensure their safety.

Étape 7: récupération

Not all injuries – is the result of short-term load. Many of them – this is a consequence of the cumulative effect of which is stored for months or even years. If you do the lifting for biceps wrong and overload joint, no one will carry you into the ambulance at the same moment.

However, when you re-load the structure of this a few days, he will move to another part of a millimeter. Repeat this a few hundred times, not allowing the joint to recover the time – and you will see what will happen.

Listen to your body, and let it rest, when you need it – so you can avoid many problems. You have a sore elbow? Put all the exercises on the bench. Worried knee? Well, now scheduled for a record in the squat is better to move the next day.

Many bodybuilders boast that strictly follow the program. Of course, the sequence in many ways the key to success, but never forget that there are no rules without exceptions. If you feel tired or exhausted, do not go to the gym, relax better an extra day or two.

It is also important to sleep eight hours a day. Here you will benefit not only the joints, muscles and nervous system, but also the harmonization of hormonal levels, which contributes to your growth.

En outre, manque de sommeil Plein de perte de concentration, et la salle de gym est - la dernière chose.

Of course, these seven rules do not guarantee that you will never get injured, but perhaps some of the incidents will be avoided. And by chance, in the end, no one is immune. Good luck!