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steroids for weight lossSo, the main question: how to lose weight from fat, how to keep the muscles to burn fat in problem areas like train on drying Do cardio, and what is the “magic” pills steroids for weight loss need to work.

Correct drying should as much as possible to burn fat with minimal loss of muscle and other organs. Often, a person sits on a very strict diet, as a result of which its metabolism slows down, muscle size, and even internal organs decreases. This is bad for the drying, because it leads to decrease or stop fat burning process.

The foundation of any diet is the lack of calories. Those. every day you need to spend a little more energy the amount that you get from food. The second important condition for efficient fat burning is to maintain a high metabolic rate. When you start to have very little, or hardly there at all, your body thinks it has got to the extreme conditions as soon as possible and starvation. As a result, the body begins to “help” your survival – slows down the flow of all metabolic reactions in the body in order to your fat reserves enough for a longer time. Therefore, the majority of dieters on a rigid diet, notice a decrease in their effectiveness after a week or two, and there is a very unwell (weakness, dizziness, etc.). It’s like that joke. One friend says to another: How did your wife postroynela, what diet to comply with? -There are only pills Tick-Tock of 20 pieces in the morning, 40 in the afternoon and 30 in the uzhin.I breath fresh, but poor …

Okay. What is the conclusion? Very simple: you need to get on a diet of the same metabolism as in the normal state, or even more. Those. The first two basic rules of competent drying:

  1. 1. Lack of calories (get less than we spend)
  2. 2. Save the high metabolic rate.

Unfortunately, most modern diets do not take into account the second paragraph of this set of rules and why people so rarely succeed in the diet. In addition, even if a person is lost and, after the termination of the weight comes back in even greater numbers than before, because you start getting a lot of calories and your metabolism is still in the “sleeping” state.

How to maintain a high metabolic rate?

There are many ways to speed up your metabolism. First of all – it is split meals. The more you eat, the faster your metabolism. This does not mean you have to eat large amounts of food. This means that the initial daily amount should be divided on the largest possible number of daily servings. At least 6 times a day. Maximum: 12 … though. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. For a smoke one cigarette usually takes about 5 minutes. And the fact, that eating a spoon – two of rice and a piece of meat it will take 30-60 seconds. It’s just a matter of habit and desire. Let you warm the idea that because you get a good health and appearance in contrast to those who ruin it with nicotine. In general, the best way to speed up your metabolism:

Fractional power (6-12 times a day)

In addition to the fractional power metabolism pushing exercise with and without iron. Any physical activity will help you in this regard. And if you do exercise your muscles, then the benefits will be double. In the form of physical activity per se, and in the form of additional spending energy to maintain muscle function. The fact that the muscles themselves require a lot of energy, even when sleeping. And besides, after training with iron increased calorie consumption continues during rest. So rule number two:

Training in the gym

How should change workout while drying?

There are two basic views on this matter. Do not change the workout at all, or to change them drastically and use Pumping (more reps, more exercise, less than the rest). Each of these two very polar schemes have their pros and cons.

When you do not change your training at all, ie, continue to work in the same style as in weight (6-10 reps, rest a minute, great weight, etc.), then it is better to keep the size of your muscles during a diet. I have explained many times, that can be either dry (catabolism) or gain (anabolism) and at the same time you can not accelerate and decelerate. In short, in the drying always occurs the loss of muscle along with fat. One of the main tasks – to minimize muscle loss during dieting. So, when you continue to train in classical mass typesetting style, you better keep your muscles, because the body has to maintain its power capacity to work with the usual weights. OK. And what, then, are the advantages of “Pumping” style during the drying process?

Steroids for weight loss

Benefits “Pumping” is not less than the drawbacks, if we are talking about the drying. The main disadvantage is the loss of meat, which is inevitable because reduced weight, and the number of sets and reps increased. That is why recently among competing bodybuilders rooted opinion about the uselessness of “Pumping” training during drying. This view is erroneous, because the “Pumping” has a number of advantages.

Many decades in a row professionals during the drying process used for competitions Pumping. Just experience has shown that such training works better for fat loss than the classic. Few could explain why. Just so it was decided. And yet, why? Tip of the iceberg: more energy consumption during the workout itself (as is much larger volume of work), and the best study of the muscles due to steroids for weight loss and more exercise. Well, the main advantage lies in the blood supply. The fact that the fat-burning process is regulated by hormones that travel in the blood and wash the tissue (muscle). The better it washed by the blood of the target, the greater the amount of hormones needed for fat digestion there can be located. But about this later. And besides, by itself “Pumping” style leads to greater production of the stress hormones, which carry fat burning.


  • Classical training during the diet is better to keep the size of the muscles, but the effect of the diet will appear more slowly.
  • “Pumping” in the diet leads to faster fat burning, but you pay for that part of the muscle.
  • Classical training during the diet is better to “Pumping” if you do not use steroids, and your goal – to keep as much muscle as possible.
  • “Pumping” in terms of diet is best classical training, if you use chemicals, or you need a very fast results.
  • Also change “Pumping” mode – “classic” – a good way to avoid addiction as this is macro periodization (your muscles do not get used to one and the same load)

Spot reduction of fat

is expecting a baby? – No, I’m always so fat. Hee hee … … There is a very popular myth of local fat burning. Say, if you do a lot of repetitions at the press, it is possible to burn the fat in this area. It lodges.

Spot reduction of fat – not possible!

This means that when a person sits on a diet, the fat he loses in all areas, and not in any one particular. Here it is necessary to explain a little physiology. Fat is stored in the cells (liposomes) in a substance called trigletseridy. Under the influence of the two stress hormones (adrenaline and noradrenaline) starts splitting into glycerol and fatty acids. This is called lipolysis. The resulting materials begin their journey through the bloodstream, not yet to be disposed of or, if no longer the need to return to the original state (fat). Now you understand that the breakdown of fat – is a chemical reaction in a pure form that runs hormones. And they travel through the blood that washes over our entire body. It is not possible to force the blood to wash only the press and therefore it is not possible to make the hormones to break down fat in only one priority place for you.

Crank noradrenolin and interact with tissues and organs through a number of receptors. For uprascheniya call them alpha and beta . Beta receptors causing lipolysis (reduction of the size of fat cells ), and alpha receptors “pulling the rope” on their side, and prevent fat loss (remember, I said that famine – it is a danger, and the body is protected by the preservation of fat in reserve).

In some places, our body fat to keep in reserve more convenient than others. For example, on the thighs and stomach to do it easier and more economical than in the ankles or wrists. Therefore, nature has taken care of that the proportion of the alpha and beta receptors was different in the appropriate places. And this is the reason that in some places you can lose weight faster and easier than others (just where fat accumulates more than alpha receptors and therefore lipolysis there braked). By the way if we could by using any methods that increase the amount of beta receptors and reducing the alpha receptors in a specific location, the local fat burning would have been possible. We still do not know how this. BUT … .we Zana how to do it globally, not locally. Read carefully … and thoughtfully.

Stimulation of the release of fat break down hormones.

There are substances that block alpha receptors and activate the beta receptors. For example, yohimbine partially blocked alpha-receptors , thereby decreasing the breakdown of fats overwhelming effect of adrenaline and noradrenaline. And many well-known clenbuterol stimulates the beta-receptors causing a better break down of fat in the tissues.

Everyone has heard about ephedrine, which are now among the forbidden additives? Do you know why it is so effective at drying? Just Ephedra increases the release of norepinephrine . And if you take it together yohibinom then activates beta-receptors (fat burning) without affecting alpha receptors (stop fat burning) . What will help to lose weight. Especially in places where traditionally people lose weight faster.

If you add the “Pumping” training and cardio (jogging), then such a load will further increase the amount of beta receptors and reduce the number of alpha receptors . Now you understand why the “Pumping” leads to faster fat burning. In addition to the release of stress hormones to break down fat, such training increases the number of receptors necessary for the more active fat digestion.

Attention! Spot fat reduction is not possible. But when you chuck blood specific muscle (Pumping training), you are creating an increased concentration of noradrenaline and adrenaline in it. However zhirorasscheplenie be difficult because of the activity of alpha receptors therein. This process can be changed if taken one hour before the workout yohimbine, which will reduce the activity of alpha-receptors. The addition of this legally and it can be easily purchased at a pharmacy or sports store. One of the fun bonuses yohimbine is to stimulate an erection and a more vivid orgasm. In general, a good thing in all senses.

Since we are talking about drugs, it must be said about Proviron. Proviron – is an androgen that blocks the process of transformation of male hormones in the female (flavoring). Athletes often sought with the help of his muscle stiffness. How it works? Quite simply, the female sex hormones cause the activation of alpha receptors throughout the body and especially on the thighs and breasts that fat digestion difficult. The body becomes more porous and zhirym. By the way the same “watery” Chemists appearance is not associated with water, namely the phenomenon. This can be avoided with the help of Proviron, which will add “rigidity” of the muscles.

The important point to understand … .you remember that I always use the word zhirorasschiplenie rather than fat loss ? This is not just because it is a completely different thing and zhirorasschiplenie (lipolysis trigletseridov into glycerol and fatty acids) does not mean fat loss. The fact is that if the split components (glycerol and fatty acids) are not used, they return to the original state (fat cells). Those. Pumping and breakdown of fat – this is just to simplify transportation. For warehouse with wood stock can lay a thousand of convenient ways, but if they are not used as a fuel, all the wood and remain in stock. It is therefore important diet, with the help of which you are creating a lack of calories and forcing the body to burn fatty acids for energy.

Aerobic (cardio) and drying.

With cardio load situation is exactly the same as with “Pumping” training. Any aerobics will result in the loss of not only fat but also muscle on one side. On the other hand, any aerobics will accelerate zhirorasscheplenie. A continuous aerobic will lead to fat burning. Let me explain: when you run, you force produced stress hormones that break down fat into glycerol and fatty acids. And when you’re running for a long time and at a slow pace (you can even walk fast), by the same token you burn fat as energy.

TIP: If your goal – to save the maximum weight, then do not run, but a lengthy walk at a fast pace. For example, within 60 minutes.

The fact is lengthier than aerobic exercise, the more connected aerobic methods of extracting energy from fatty acids. A shorter and more intense cardio load, the more muscle glycogen is consumed and more “burn” muscle.

TIP: less glycogen and carbohydrates in the muscle, the more fat before burning.

This means that cardio is best done after a workout or with iron (when glycogen is spent), or in the morning on empty stomach. The smaller and later you eat carbohydrates, the more fat will burn. Insulin, which is produced in response to the food (especially carbohydrates) – inhibits izhroszhiganiya process.

Slimming chemistry.

Additives sold mass. Most do not work or is so weak that it is not worth the money. So, the best performance additives and “magic pills” from the simple, to the fatal it:

  • Yohimbine (blocking alpha receptors)
  • Ephedrine – the release of norepinephrine (ECA – ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin)
  • Clenbuterol (stimulates the beta receptors)
  • Growth Hormone (Somatotropin)
  • Teroidnye hormones (T3) + Clenbuterol
  • DNP (Dinitrophenol)

About Yohimbine, Ephedrine and Clenbuterol I said. Then begins the danger zone. Hormone growth thing is not so much dangerous as wasteful because of its high price, but the two points Latest one I have placed for general information. They use the most thugs who do not care about their lives and health.

Teroidnye hormones (especially T3) greatly spurring the metabolism, which is one of two main tasks during the drying process, as you remember, and maple stimulates the beta receptors responsible for the breakdown of fat. Together these two agents result in a synergistic effect of (1 + 1 = 3) and the fat melts very quickly. And if you just increase the dose of thyroid hormone, then just as quickly begin to conceal and muscles. But the danger is not that. The main danger of T3 that is canceled production of its own thyroid, and unlike testosterone, this output can then never return to previous levels. In fact, you can become disabled and you will have a lifetime to sit on an artificial T3.

Fat-burning workout.

So, we have two ways of training:

  1. 1. Regular training on a mass diet +
  2. 2. “Pumping” Training + diet

The first approach, if you are critical loss of each kilogram of muscle recruited. Or if you are a pedant, and you can carefully follow a diet for a long time and consistently (3 months is usually sufficient). This method is generally used by experienced bodybuilders competition.

The second method allows to achieve results faster, but faces heavy losses in the amount of the muscles themselves. This method is suitable for fitness enthusiasts, ie people for whom the appearance is more important than the maximum size of the muscle, and the people that are important time. OK. How does it look?

  • Use a large number of repetitions (15-20-40 ….)
  • Use more sets (5-6 workers)
  • Reduce rest between sets (first to 45, then to 30 seconds)
  • Use drop sets, etc. trisety. Bezpauznye ways to score muscle

In general, the basic idea: to score as much as possible muscle with blood and maintain the blood supply as long as possible. By the way if you have the opportunity to make three short workouts than one long, it will be even better for fat loss through increased levels of hormones.

I foresee a question: Is it possible to combine the power and Pumping training in one to accelerate the fat burning? The answer is: Yes. It works.


  1. DIET – key (ezhidnevnoe meticulously take into account the amount of food)
  2. Split meals (eat 6-12 times)
  3. Pumping helps rasschiplyat fat faster due to the influx of stress hormones.
  4. Normal training will retain more muscle in the end
  5. Yohimbine for an hour before a workout helps to block alpha receptors
  6. Clenbuterol and Ephedrine can help activate the beta receptors
  7. Cardio – it is better for a long time and slowly than short and fast. Walking 60 min. The best thing.
  8. The less carbohydrates in the body, the more fat burning
  9. During training and before it is desirable Accepted BCAA amino acids to preserve muscle.

Well I hope you have been interesting to learn all this, my friends.