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Amino acids Harm The main reason for writing this article was the receipt of numerous questions about the possible dangers of amino acids and side effects. Criticism Visiting the resources associated with the sale of amino acids for athletes, it seems that after consuming them in food, the body will become instantly “courageous” form and the buyer […]

Who needs aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise – the form of training, resorted to in order to obtain relief during the drying cycle. In addition, aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and performance of the body, improve mental state. Aerobic training accelerates recovery from mental stress and increase tolerance to stress. This article lists the rules that allow […]

A little history Steroidal anabolic agents have been known for over 40 years, since the 50’s were chemically synthesized derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone. Initially, they were used exclusively for medical purposes, when required additional stimulation of anabolic processes in the human body. However, very soon, these features steroids interested athletes. The era […]

Lista dos mais populares tablet esteróides anabolizantes, doping e musculação e outros esportes de força e artes marciais. número Nome da Droga Substância activa substância crescimento forças Definir Altura massa corporal Incineração de gordura O uso forma ao sorev- Considerações Como utilizado. como um anti estrogénio Os efeitos adversos O anidro perigo Capacidade Nosta manter […]