Exercise plank

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exercise plank

The 21st century dictates to us the rapid rhythm of life, and we are plank compelled to obey it. Not every woman has time to follow her appearance and visit fitness centers. However, who told you that to improve the figure you need to use expensive sports equipment? For example, to make your tummy flat and beautiful, you can also train at home. If you … Read More

Why is it so important to train your legs?

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leg training

Legs are the largest muscle group in the human body. If the question for girls is leg training whether it is important to rock their legs, then men do not really like to pump them. However, doing so and trying, all attention to give hands, chest, press or other muscles, quickly enough you will notice the disproportion of the top and bottom. In addition, … Read More

Do girls like bodybuilders?

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The theme of today’s article is whether the girls like bodybuilders, is interesting enough and at the same time is ambiguous. It’s difficult to talk about all the girls in general. When writing the article, we carefully studied the statistics and now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results. A feminine look at the inflated male body When visitors to … Read More

Exercises for the muscles of the back of women – choose your favorite complex

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exercises for the muscles of the back of women

Why is the back so important? The back muscles is one of the most important parts of the body. The lack of daily muscle warm-up in this area can lead to uncomfortable and painful sensations. A trained back means: A strong spine and graceful posture, which is an important attribute of female attractiveness. The upper and lower parts of the body become more … Read More

What you need to drink for muscle growth: the most important postulates

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drinks for muscle building

Now we will get acquainted with the drinks for muscle building, the vitamins that our muscles will stimulate, and even muscle growth with any “demanding” in this topic. Protein Protein – popular and known to everyone, even people only thinking about joining the bodybuilding. For example, it is the source of building material not only for the muscles but also for the … Read More

Particularly important vitamins for muscle growth are the main list!

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No matter how much you train, without the next dozen necessary vitamins to achieve muscle growth and increase their endurance is simply impossible. Vitamins by groups All the vitamins that we take can be divided into two types: WATER-SOLVENT. These include vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folate and pantothenic acids and biotin. When they are taken with food, they are … Read More

Warm up before training – how to do it right?

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Everyone knows that a warm-up before strength training is an indispensable stretching stage, but very few people fully implement it. It also requires warm-up before training at home, for which, especially no one pays attention. Now you yourself will see how important it is to prepare the body for any training load and how to properly perform the warm-up. Warm up … Read More

How to develop muscle strength – the best exercises and main principles

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develop muscle strength

Basic principles of the growth of strength But first it is very important to shake the theory develop muscle strength to understand what is happening to us, and why it is necessary to act in a certain way to extract the power. Therefore, I do not advise you to neglect it. We will not walk around the bush and immediately discuss the main … Read More

What is after the training – the basic rules for restoring muscles to food

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Why should you eat after a workout? Perhaps not everyone knows the importance of eating after exercise, so let’s nutrition highlight the main advantages of this mode. Thanks to the intake of nutrients in the body, the exhaustion of muscles is prevented. It is known that during training, muscles appear in the muscles, and food is needed for their regeneration. The rate of … Read More

Anatomy of the arm muscles and the best exercises for their pumping

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arm muscles

The structure of the muscles of the hands Although the muscles of the hands occupy about 5-7% of the total body weight, they arm muscles are a very important component of a harmonious and aesthetic body. They are often involved in pumping other muscle groups. The muscles of the arm are divided into the humeral and forearm. And that’s what they are: MUSCLE … Read More