Nandrolone Decanoate Max Pro


– Manufacturer: MAX PRO – Substance : Nandrolone Decanoate – Pack: 250 mg/ml (10 ml)


Deca Durabolin is widely regarded as one of the safest and effective steroids. Nandrolone is commonly used as a base in a steroid cycle. Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid that is both present in the human body and also made synthetic. The levels in the human body are very low to account for any significant effects. It is a byproduct when other hormones breakdown in our body. Of all the anabolic steroids, it is one of the most widely abused steroids by athletes and bodybuilders.

Nandrolone Decanoate causes the muscle cell to store more nitrogen than it releases so that a positive nitrogen balance is achieved. A positive nitrogen balance is synonymous with muscle growth since the muscle cell, in this phase, assimilates (accumulates) a larger amount of protein than usual. The same manufacturer, however, points out on the package insert that a positive nitrogen balance and the protein building effect that accompany it will occur only if enough calories and proteins are supplied. One should know this since, otherwise, satisfying results with Nandrolone Decanoate cannot be obtained.

The highly anabolic effect of Nandrolone Decanoate is linked to a moderately androgenic component, so that a good gain in muscle mass and strength is obtained. At the same time, most athletes notice considerable water retention which, no doubt, is not as distinct as that with injectable testosterones but which in high doses can also cause a smooth and watery appearance.

In bulking cycles, the bodybuilders often combine Nandrolone decabol 250 with oxymetholone, testosterone or methandienone for the maximization of the effects. In contest preparation, the stack with trenbolone, stanazolol or fluoxymesterone is ideal.

The standard weekly dose for men is from 300 to 600 mg. It is taken in two parts. Women should not take more than 50 mg in one week. Because of its long period of action, Nandrolone has to be taken in long cycles. They normal duration is in the rage from 8 to 12 weeks.

In the case of non-athletes doses nandrolone decanoate and assumptions that optimal overdose, can have side effects. In general, other side effects of anabolic steroids are similar to many and are expressed in the loss of hair, nausea, excessive sweating.

There may also be headache, runny nose, skin rash and low back pain.

By binding to receptors of progestin pituitary, nandrolone causes an increase in the production of prolactin and suppresses the secretion of gonadotropins. Prolactin is very similar to estrogen, its effect is reduced the production of testosterone, a slight increase in fat mass and, in rare cases, gynecomastia.

In addition, during the course sometimes there are: increase in blood pressure, abdominal pain, irritability, headaches, depression and other complications.