Methyltestosterone Tablets


– Manufacturer: GENESIS – Substance : methyltestosterone – Pack: 25 mg/tab. (100 tab.)


Methyltestosterone is an orally available form of the primary male androgen testosterone. Looking at the structure of this steroid, we see it is basically just testosterone with an added methyl group at the c-17 alpha position (a c-17 alpha alkylated substance), which allows for oral administration. The resultant compound “methylated-testosterone” was among the first functional oral steroids to be produced. This field of research has consequently improved greatly over the years, and today methyltestosterone is quite crude in comparison to many of the other orals that were subsequently developed. The action of this steroid is moderately anabolic and androgenic, with high estrogenic activity due to its aromatization to 17-alpha methyl estradiol. This generally makes methyltestosterone too troublesome (in terms of estrogenic side effects) to use for muscle-building purposes.

The popularity of Methyltestosterone among athletes is explained by the fact that this steroid provides a significant anabolic effect after oral administration.

Many other synthetic analogs of steroidal hormones provide a strong anabolic effect only after intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneous injection.

Taking high doses of oral Methyltestosterone every day, athletes can increase the size of their muscles and muscle endurance within just 2-4 weeks. However, few athletes know that in several weeks of using Methyltestosterone, the liver function tests become abnormal.

Using Methyltestosterone within 1-2 months, a bodybuilder may develop cholestatic hepatitis with jaundice. Herewith, drug-induced jaundice may develop in those athletes, who have been using very small doses of Methyltestosterone as well.

In order to increase the size and endurance of muscles without using Methyltestosterone anabolic steroid, balanced sports diet and daily comprehensive muscle training programme are required.

Unluckily, due to potential liver complications, most athletes have found it careful to bound their intake of Methyltestosterone to lower dosages (25-50mgs/day), and for limited periods of time – up to 6 weeks at the end of a pre-contest cycle, or directly before an athletic event or exercising. This is the basic practise for Methyltestosterone in a cycle. The user generally experiences a fast gains in both strength and aggression when a (low) dosage is applying prior to a exercising or athletic event. It’s common to see 25 mgs used an 1 hour before a excercising or competition. Sometimes strongmen and powerlifters have found it beneficial to take a dosage before each event or lift, during a competition.

Methyltestosterone is a very toxic steroid which can cause many side effects. it especially puts stress on the liver. Since this steroid strongly aromatizes, gynecomastia is one of the most common side effects. The distinct water and salt retention can also increase blood pressure. The androgenic effect re-sults in considerable virilization symptoms in women and acne and AGGRESSIVENESS in men. It is no joking matter to be around someone who works a lot with methyltestosterone. Effects include anti-social behavior, irritability, impatience, tantrums, and forgetfulness or light disturbances in consciousness.