Amino Acids – The Damage And Side Effects

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Amino Acids

Amino acids Harm

The main reason for writing this article was the receipt of numerous questions about the possible dangers of amino acids and side effects.


Visiting the resources associated with the sale of amino acids for athletes, it seems that after consuming them in food, the body will become instantly “courageous” form and the buyer will be incredibly happy. But not a word about the dangers of these drugs. Really there is no harm from consumption of unusual for a man of substances? ”

Firstly, aminocarboxylic acids sold in sports food stores are not drugs and drugs.

Secondly, such a side effect of amino acids as food poisoning is difficult to obtain even for very “inept and non-normalized” used as the average portion of the product is approximately 5 g, and food poisoning is unlikely, even with the use of 30 and 50 grams at a time.

Third, the amino acids do not cause ulcers, as any part of the protein product (whether cheese , meat or egg). According to the logic of the author, an ulcer can cause even a portion of the meat.

And finally, the most delusional statement of impotence. Nonsense!

The harm and side effects of amino acids – is a myth!

To see this, we must understand the nature of the amino acids, and to understand what of themselves they really are.

Amino acids – are elements of which are food proteins are built. The food we consume contains per day to 100 g protein (100 g, respectively, amino acids). When a protein in the digestive tract begins to break down under the influence of enzymes into amino acids (the same ones that are present in sports nutrition), which in turn enter the bloodstream and nourish all organs and tissues (including muscle).

The amino acid complexes for athletes prepared from whey protein (a natural protein made from cow’s milk) by destroying its enzymes. In fact it is nothing more than advance “digested” protein.

Now, think for yourself, whether 2 eggs or a glass of milk cause stomach ulcers, impotence or other side effects? It is unlikely, as well as sports supplements sold because, as mentioned above, they are obtained from milk proteins.

Why sports supplements, if everything is in the product?

Naturally the question arises, what bodybuilding supplements best protein products, if they are composed of the same substance? The answer is simple, in the form of amino acid supplements are digested much faster (because they do not need to spend time to digest), which means that your muscles will quickly receive construction elements will be restored and thus increases in volume.


Side effects of amino acids – this is just a myth, which sounds absolutely absurd for a person even slightly versed in biochemistry. amino harm is negligible even after repeated excess of recommended doses, any competent physician can subscribe to these words. A raising of such questions can only talk about full illiteracy in the field of human nutrition, health and sports.