7 Ways To Make Small Changes In Training

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Anyone who has some time walking in the room, sometimes faced with a situation where after a period of weight gain comes a certain stagnation. Like slices, you try, you climb out of their way, but you can not improve the performance, and each new one hundred grams of muscle mass are the cost of enormous effort. And it has to almost force yourself to go to the gym, because all the motivation falls.

When you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to make some small adjustments to your training process and it may actually be able to help you.

Here are seven main ways to diversify training and to regain growth.

Change the grip in the exercises

The most simple and yet quite effective way. In those exercises, where possible, simply change the grip with, say, straight to the back.

Such a grip on the new spread the load on the muscles and they are happy to respond to it.

Change the principle of weighing

Here there is no sedition. I just mean that if you are used to working with a barbell, then set it aside for a while to the side and start to do all the same exercises with dumbbells . You will soon see the results with my own eyes.

Also, increasingly in recent years people are turning to poises. Technique work with them fundamentally different, but they are very effective.

Reduce the time to rest

A great way to increase the intensity of your workout.

The less you rest between sets, the faster your metabolism runs up after training. If your goal – to throw off excess weight, it is the most it.

The main thing, you know the sense of proportion, reducing the time does not mean rejection of the rest, overtraining anyone else for the benefit did not go.

Pyramid method

Another good way to add variety to the routine.

In particular, if you need to do five sets to one exercise, try a number of repetitions in each set: 6-8-10-8-6. It will be really interesting and challenging job for your muscles.


It is very simple and quite effective. Your muscles become accustomed to a certain load distribution. Try to deceive them completely inside out schedule. Start with exercises that you did last and move him forward to the beginning of the workout.

Time, rather than repetition

Excellent technique for those who are working on getting rid of excess fat. Replace, say, 8-10 repetitions approach for an approach that will last 45 seconds. Then relax for 15 seconds and repeat for the second and third time.

This is a great way to increase muscle endurance, more than that, you burn hundreds of calories during this workout.

Relax week

Many people actually do not need to make a variety of training, and a break from training at all. When the body reaches its limit, it is necessary to give him time to recover.

When you are on the verge of exhaustion, of course, you will not grow, and “build” pancakes on the bar.

For a trained person weeks of rest is sufficient, so that the muscles have recovered, and metabolism returned to normal.