13 Compromises, destroying your diet

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Destroying Your Diet

However, it was easy to stick to a diet, if we lived in the world of chicken breasts, broccoli and oatmeal? Unfortunately, the reality is much more severe, and every day we have to confront a hundred different temptations. And from time to time we all come to a choice – you never know what to eat or dietary and be satisfied that you were stronger than the temptation, or to intercept harmful fast food, save time and go for another compromise with his diet.

Everyone who makes the next step away from your diet, will always find a lot of excuses. And so it is very important to take as a rule there is only what is useful. And any thought of harmful fats, caught red-handed, should be immediately executed on the spot, without the right of the last word.

And how to understand: that’s the thought leads to a compromise? Here it is necessary to stop and call another mental punitive detachment. There are three main ways:

  1. If your idea begins with the words: “I can eat this because …” – in any time to start to sound the alarm.
  2. If you got something in your hands that you do not plan to have today, you have to put it aside without regret.
  3. Sweet, salty or infested food carbohydrates – is always a compromise. Think about it … you do not have to justify yourself when you eat vegetables or proteins.

Every time you catch yourself thinking that just did not give the benefit of the treacherous compromise, show your strength of will. No excuse then will not help you deal with excess weight in the wrong place.

So, we go over the main compromises:

1. It is still only 15:00, and I was tired. Here is the cake will help me to recharge your batteries for the rest of the day.

If this happens, it is only because the sharp rise in blood sugar levels. But ever so it will not stay again falls over time and you will feel even more frustrated than usual.But the most common almonds can add you energy and strength to actively spend time.

2. I adhered strictly to the diet in recent years. Not a time to reward yourself a little?

In fact, such indulgence is not a reward for the body. It only further postpone my goal to create a beautiful body and not really give anything in return. So take my word, it’s not worth it.

3. Just once will not hurt.

Even to burn miserable hundred calories, the body has to work hard not bad. Just one time, of course, does not hurt, but your body will tell you so much for the extra work. And if you’ve come up with a justification, as “well, only once”, it means that the work had to be a lot. Maybe not enough. A fight with body fat even harder than calories.

4. Oh, I’m so tired and did not want to cook, and even today. Zayed better in the next McDonalds.

Even tired, I can think of other ways to feed themselves. Only one set in a fast food restaurant more calories than I need for the day. So even if you are tired and not ready to devote himself to cook dinner, buy a chicken grill. Her breast you definitely will not hurt.

5. I’m hungry, and just at your fingertips all sorts of bad things.

Hunger is not going to kill me! Well, that is up to certain limits, of course, but right now – just do not kill. It is better to endure the discomfort and then eat something useful than to fill the stomach of any muck.

Drink a glass of cold water. Of course, it does not fill you, but it’s still hard food kills more surely than a slight feeling of hunger.

6. My boss – cattle, unbearable work schedule and all – day was settling. Hamburger, perhaps, be able to comfort me.

Wait! If someone is angry or offended me, why should I punish myself more, shoving the stomach heavy junk food?

First of all, there is nothing to force me to all sorts of emotions! Secondly, it is not always possible to control your day, sometimes occur and black stripes. But here’s what I eat, I can always control.

Thirdly, I am aware that hunger is not pushing me to eat the damn burger. On the contrary, I resist, then I can only praise themselves and virtually shake his hand, I’m a young man, did not succumb to the temptation. And it will please me more than the most harmful food .

7. Oh, and I got the good news today! It’s worth celebrating!

Hmm. Is unhealthy foods will increase the joy of the good news? I think not. And here is a new achievement in the work over itself – it is in fact more good news!

You can not let emotions control them. Enjoy the good news and can be in the company of a healthy meal.

8. Well, I’ve already paid for it, so do not go to waste the money?

But it lost a lot of money? It seems to me, not particularly. Strongly I be poor, and do not eat foolishly bought shawarma? No, in general.

There is a saying, by the way: Time – money! And in order to neutralize the harm of this shawarma, I have to spend a lot of time. Why pay twice, if it is possible – even once?

9. I hate to translate food.

No starving children in Africa do not feel better from what you eat this harmful carbohydrate. Just as he will not be worse than what you throw it in the bucket. So it is better I will translate food than to increase the excess fat in your body.

10. But all the rest are eating!

Well, I want to lead a healthy lifestyle regardless of what kind of life are all around. Even if your friends eat three Big Mac a day, and do not carry extra pounds around the waist (in the end, everyone has his own metabolism), it does not mean that their health is not harmful. Better warning them, even a heavy meal nobody benefits.

11. My treat!

Free services – is, of course, the magic word, cleaner than the coveted “please”. But we should not be carried out on it so easily. The time that you have to spend at the destruction of introduced calories, you could spend and more usefully.

12. Go back to your diet tomorrow.

Just say it in other words: poison your body today! Look, terrible these words and stick to a diet. Honestly, it would be better.

13. A and B do not care!

The most terrible beast that often comes with time. You start to think: I have recently sitting on a diet, motivation is already so tired that she could easily score on placed in the proximity to the mouth of the poison.

Here, of course, only the power and self-control will help to cope with them. No, I do not care! I take care of your body, your health and well-being. I stick to a diet for me to have a beautiful body, and I will not destroy it because of momentary whims.

So, here they are, in principle – a baker’s dozen of compromises that stand between you and success. Select them – or choose a healthier life. Up to you.

But I do not know what choices will approve your body!